8 Tips to Ensure Your Personal Loan is Approved

When you really need a personal loan, the last thing you want is for your application to get rejected because of things you could have avoided. it is important to exercise caution while applying for a personal loan as just a single mistake could result in a huge financial crisis. Carelessness and lack of adequate awareness and knowledge could lead to an unwanted debt trap. The resulting financial mess could adversely affect you and all your family members. We’ll let you in on the top secrets to successfully apply for a personal loan.

  1. Check Eligibility Criteria

Almost all loan providers need their applicants to meet a set of eligibility criterion. Some even prefer their borrowers to be within a certain age group. Another thing they might check about you is the amount you earn per year. Besides these, you have to make sure that you aren’t a defaulter in regard to a loan you took earlier.

  1. Work on Your Credit Report

Most personal loans are rejected because of a bad credit history. That’s why you need to ensure that your credit report reflects a good picture of any loans you’ve taken before. Check your credit before applying for the loan to know where you stand and how to improve it. Take steps to rebuild your credit score.

  1. Prove you have Sufficient Income

When you approach for a loan, there’s a high chance that they’ll want to know whether you’ll be able to pay it. The lender wants proof that you have sufficient income to sustain the monthly repayments. You may be required to show your pay slips or bank statements. You may also work out lower repayments or spread out the loan over a longer term so that you’re sure you have sufficient income to cater for it. Always check the eligibility criteria before applying to increase your chances of success.

  1. Explain why you need the Loan

Most lenders do not offer financing if the borrower doesn’t explain what they need to do with the loan. Sometimes personal loans also come with restrictions as to how you can use the funds. If your lender finds that the purpose of your loan is not credible, you risk rejection. Have a good reason for applying for the loan if you want it to be approved.

  1. Providing Incorrect Details

When applying for a personal loan, ensure you provide the right details. Incomplete or inaccurately filled application will take longer to be processed and may even be rejected. If the bank or credit facility finds that there are inconsistencies, you also risk rejection. Take time to fill your loan application forms. If you find anything that is unclear, ask for clarification before submitting the forms to the lender.

  1. Clear Some Loans

If you hold too many loans, chances are that you may be denied any new credit until you have cleared some of them. Most lenders consider high-risk borrowers to have multiple loans from different institutions. If you want to take up a personal loan in order to clear debts like credit card balances, you can request for consolidation. Consolidation allows you to bundle the loans and make a single payment at a considerably lower interest rate.

The best way to increase your chances of getting approved for a personal loan is to research on different providers available to you. Start shopping around for options, without making credit inquiries. Remember that when multiple lenders run credit checks on you several times, you risk lowering your score. Simply request for a quote and compare what different lenders have to offer before making a decision.

  1. Proper Paperwork

You must make it a point to read all the fine print attentively and understand all the terms & conditions and implications of the personal loan you are taking.  You must scrutinize the agreement to learn about all the applicable interest rates and other charges. It is critical for you to understand thoroughly all the clauses in the agreement for avoiding any unnecessary charges later on.

  1. Avoid Multiple Applications

Do not make an application for similar loan types. The lenders can doubt your intention on coming across such applications and this can result in the rejection of your applications. Also, multiple applications possess the chances of affecting your credit score.


Now that you are aware of all these mistakes, avoid them as then the process of loan approval would be easier and definitely faster. You would surely end up getting a loan that is best-suited to your lifestyle. Remember to take the personal loan application process seriously and do not unnecessarily try to hurry up things. Instead, be calm and steady and gather all relevant information before applying for a personal loan.