Pendant Lighting Ideas For Your Home, Kitchen, and Living Rooms

First and foremost, acknowledge the significance of hanging a pendant light in your home, because not many homeowners clearly understand the necessity of hanging pendant lights. One of the predominant objectives of pendant lights is that it can create a paradigm shift in the look of a room. It can change a dull and the boring look room into a spectacular and classy interior. So, pendant lights not only illuminate the environment but also form a dramatic look in any given space.

Since pendant lights come in varied styles and colours, it is important to select the right kind of pendant lights for a home. In this article, we have made a list of 6 amazing pendant lighting ideas that will create wonders in your space. Take a look!

  1. Watch the height

Watch the height for Hanging Pendant Lights.
Watch the height for Hanging Pendant Lights.

At what height you hang the pendant lights is, in fact, the most crucial element to installation. Pendant lights that are hung too high will definitely lose its essence while the lights that are hung too low will create an obstruction in the views across the room. Therefore, it is pertinent to choose the right height while hanging pendant lights.

The rule of thumb is, smaller lights should be hung lower and larger lights should be hung higher.

Below mentioned are specific height instructions:

  • For task lighting, it should be hung approximately 1.8m from the floor.
  • For pendants above dining tables, it should be hung between 1.5m and 1.7m from the floor.
  • Above an island, pendants should be hung 28 to 34 inches above the countertop, and 72 inches above the floor.

It is advisable to check with a lighting consultant to further gauge the correct height requirements individual pendant lights.

  1. Check the style

Pendant Light Styles
Pendant Light Styles

Pendant lights come in different decorative styles and in many forms. And hence, it is important to select a style that reflects your décor. Don’t settle for just any typical style because of its popularity. Instead, look for options that suit your personality and the overall style of the room.


A few of the styles to look out for are – contemporary pendants made of glass, shaded chandeliers, and glass orbs and shades that give out a retro look. Take a look at this amazing design White diamond cage light of Such & Such, which will look great on the bedside table. Or, something like this

  1. Know the purpose

One of the key most aspects that you should consider while hanging pendant lights in your home is, its purpose. Find out for yourself what are you trying to achieve by hanging pendant lights? Ask yourself some serious questions such as, is the pendant light

Ask yourself some serious questions such as, is the pendant light useful as task lighting or is it an essential level of ambient light? Furthermore, is the light only for decoration purpose?

If yes, then do you want it to blend in with a statement piece? On the contrary, if the pendant lighting is used as task lighting, then be sure that the light output is sufficient.

Purpose of hanging pendant lights in your home
Purpose of hanging pendant lights in your home
  1. Pay attention to the size

It is vital to pay acute attention to the size of the pendant lighting. You need to give due consideration to space where you will be hanging pendant lighting. For example, a small space with a low ceiling can do away with pendant lighting. But, on the other hand, if the ceiling is too high and space is huge, then you cannot hang a small pendant close to the ceiling as it would provide little or no light at all. A small pendant light can work in a small, low-ceiling room.

In a nutshell, think of the proportion of the space you are working in, always, before hanging pendant lights in these areas.

Pendant lighting
Pendant lighting
  1. Suitable to the environment?

Pendant Lighting Even in Small Kitchen Areas
Pendant Lighting Even in Small Kitchen Areas

These days, homeowners opt for pendant lightings even in small kitchen areas. Experts suggest that in small and vulnerable rooms like kitchens and bathrooms, one must avoid hanging pendant lights altogether, especially if these rooms are small. Kitchen, in particular, is a hostile environment, with water, streams, heat, and vapour in the air. So be very careful and wise while choosing to hang pendant lights in the kitchen. If you still plan to go ahead with pendant lighting in the kitchen, opt for a simpler style of fitting, so it is easy to maintain.


  1. Check the light quality

Lastly, however, importantly, you must consider colour temperature and colour rendering while choosing your lights.

Colour temperature refers to the warmth of the light source and is measured in kelvins. The warmth of the light can range from warm to cold, but any light that has a rating of around 3000K is likely to give out a warm tone.

Colour rendering refers to the appearance of the colour under an artificial light. The appearance is scored out of 100. Any score over 80 is ideal for a home. Always check the score with a manufacturer. See this for illustration

Final few words!

Hopefully, the given 6 tips are likely to give you a good head start in your decision-making process. In addition to the above-mentioned tips, you must also follow a certain unwritten rule in light designing. For instance, opt for odd numbers of pendant lighting. It’s an unstated design rule to generally hang three or five pendant lights. Odd numbers look better.

Moreover, you can also choose a feature pendant lighting in your home. In other words, have a single hanging pendant, it draws enormous attention. Something like this

So, all in all, the pendant lightings do play a pivotal role in giving a personality to any room. Begin the process by thinking of a clear and definite goal. Consult a lighting consultant who will be able to provide correct guidance as per your requirements. It is very important to know as to what are you trying to achieve by hanging pendant lights and then achieve those goals by hanging the right kind of pendant lighting.

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