Tips to Stop Being Afraid of Success

Have you ever acquainted with a fear of success? Don’t worry, this issue is quietly popular. It is one of the most widespread types of fear in psychology.

Fear is one of the basic emotions which and a powerful resource when it is used correctly, but also the worst enemy. Thanks to fear we may find the best way of acting, fear teaches us making changes in ourselves and our lives. But if you can’t control or can’t cope with your fears – the capability of reacting adequately to some situations you face can be lost. Or you may lose the natural point of this feeling – that prevents us from danger. When you are not aware of your fears, or you are in the grip of them – the difference between the realities and imagined danger that is too big.

We should not find ways how to overcome fear as it is a natural and healthy emotion. We should just learn how to react and act relying on our willpower and do not hide head in the sand.

How the fear of success can be identified?

Talking about success, then fear is one of the strongest barriers on a way of achieving it.  It happens that the fear of success shows as a fear of change, fear of being rejected by someone or fear of disappointment. The danger of it is that a person is subconsciously afraid of doing well than to fail. That is why when he or she finally starts doing something, he/she sabotage the efforts toward the goal and make everything to be nowhere, to avoid good results of the work done. Sound strange? Not at all! If the fear of failing bothers you, you will do everything to escape even its slight possibility. This is how our mind is structured.

Be a friend to your fear.

It is absolutely normal that you experience fear. Do not send it away from yourself. Overcoming anxiety doesn’t mean a struggle at all. Accept it as a part of your reactions. But don’t give it the power to decide what you can or can’t-do. If you are afraid – it doesn’t mean you can’t!


Be responsible for your choice.

No matter what result is obtained – meet any situation as your conscious choice. When you start doing something great, when you are following your dreams – anything may happen. The chances to obtain success are always equal to the chance of failure. Be ready from the beginning to any out, and you’ll never be surprised unpleasantly or disappointed. Make a fear your companion. Just overview the definition of a failure. You may see on it like on a regular occasion which may happen if you simply don’t get out from your comfort zone.

Be fair with yourself, but don’t be Little your Talents

Be brave to confess in your fears and weak spots. Everybody may estimate his or her powers wrong. This is not a failure to admit your weaknesses, step aside or ask for help. If you need to get someone to write your essay, find professionals that may help you.

Don’t Dive into Perfection

Sometimes a reason of failure is accompanied by excessive perfectionism. It is not necessarily to be perfect in order to obtain a success or happiness. Be fair with yourself, admit your talents as well as your weak sides – and work hard – this is a golden rule of success.

Overview your Environment

It is quite important when your friends and relatives believe in your initiatives. When some of them are telling that everything you do is nonsense, you start thinking the same way. First, don’t listen to anyone! Listen to your heart only! This advice can be not the easy one but think about changing, at least, for a while your environment if you don’t obtain any support from the people you constantly are in contact with.

Train yourself

Train Yourself
Train Yourself

Every skill, even when we talk about control of our emotions requires long and constant training. It’s like in with training muscles in a gym – if you wish to have a perfect and healthy body – you must work hard a lot and without long intervals. First, you come to a studio, and everything is near to impossible. But when you are persevering and steady in your decision to overcome your laziness (in a gym) or anxiety (in becoming succeeded) – the results won’t make you wait long. Use your fears for your wellness!