Working out at home can be boring. It is important that you keep yourself engaged in interesting workout routines. Aerobics is a great way to lose weight. You can easily do it at your home and give your weight loss journey a boost. These exercises also reduce the risk of heart diseases by improving blood circulation and lowering overall stress.

Before we proceed, let’s understand what an aerobics exercise is and how does it help in your weight loss.

What Is Aerobic?

What is Aerobics?

Aerobics is a cardio exercise and can help you keep your body in shape. It uplifts your mood and has a positive effect on your mind as well. Following are some reasons not to be lazy and indulge in a hearty aerobics session at home!

Read on to find 5 Aerobic Exercises for Weight Loss.

1. Skipping

Skipping - Aerobic Exercises

Skipping or jumping the rope is a high-intensity aerobic exercise. While you skip, your shoulders, thighs, calves, and bottom is targeted. Skipping for 45 minutes will burn up to 450 calories. You can easily do it at home, making it the best all season aerobic exercise. It also strengthens your heart. Try and do at least 100 skips per minute.

Make sure if you have any kind of Orthopedic problem, then you need to steer clear of skipping. It will impact your ankles and knees.

2. Walking

Walking - Aerobic ExercisesWalking is one of the simplest aerobic exercises for weight loss. Stretch your muscles for 5 -10 minutes, warm up to get the blood flowing to your muscles. Then start at a pace that you feel comfortable at. Gradually pick up the pace and start brisk walking.

Walking is a low impact exercise and a great way to start your aerobics exercise journey. It has many advantages like maintaining bone density, reducing the risk of heart attack, managing your weight, lowering stress and uplifting your mood etc. Buy good quality walking shoes, bright workout wear and head out for a walk in the morning or evening without any excuses.

3. Stairs Exercises

Stairs ExercisesStair exercises is a stronger and intense aerobics exercise. You can burn up to 21 calories in a 2 minutes stair climb. It strengthens your legs, heart, glutes, abs, and lungs. It is time to ditch the elevator and take the stairs to keep fit.

Walk up and down the stairs at a medium pace for about 15 – 20 minutes. It would improve your cardiovascular stamina and tone your lower body.

4. Cycling

CyclingCycling is a great way to burn those extra calories. Take your cycle around the city in the morning. It will freshen you up and be a great aerobic exercise to pump up the day. You can also choose stationary cycling indoors for same results.

Your speed and resistance play a major role in determining the number of calories burnt. It is helpful for heart health without exerting a lot of stress on your back, hips, ankles, and knees.

5. Swimming

SwimmingIf you are a water baby, then swimming is one of the best aerobic exercises to lose weight. The good thing is that swimming is a low impact aerobic exercise. So if you have problems in the knees or lower back, even then you can easily do this exercise. If you’re swimming at a fast pace you can burn up to 590 calories in an hour.

Swimming is also a great cardio exercise and you get to move all the muscles in the body. It is refreshing and revitalising. You can also try aquatic aerobics. Since water offers natural resistance, performing aquatic aerobics not only strengthens your muscles, but it also relaxes them. The simplest aquatic aerobic exercise is walking in water. Make sure you keep your back straight and avoid walking on your toes.

To make your workout routine more effective you should include strength training. It can be squats, pushups, lunges, or planks. It is recommended that you talk to a fitness expert and only then proceed with these exercises.

When your body starts to accumulate fat, a certain kind gets deposited around your belly. Aerobic exercises are the best way to reduce belly fat and for overall weight loss as well.

Other Helpful Aerobic Exercises:

Apart from these 5 aerobic exercises, here are some other that will help in weight loss.

1. Kickboxing


A great cardio workout to keep fit, kickboxing burns up to 860 calories in an hour. It helps in burning fat mainly from your thighs and waist. It increases flexibility, increases your heart rate which helps in better circulation, a great stress buster, and improves balance and coordination.

2. Power Yoga

Power Yoga

Power yoga is a great way to lose weight. It is the fast tempo of power yoga which makes it an aerobic exercise. When yoga poses are done faster and in continuation without break, it is called power yoga. Power yoga is helpful in strengthening you back, abdomen, and hip. It tones your muscles, improves concentration, reduces stress, eliminates toxins through sweat, promotes blood circulation, and boosts immunity.

3. Hula Hoop

Hoola LoopGet a hula hoop and start practicing it. Once you start to get perfect at it, you’ll notice that this childhood game can be such an interesting and fun aerobic exercise. It is effective in reducing belly fat, and burning fat from your waist and hips. You can try different variations.

4. Squats


If you want to lose belly fat, then make sure that you do squats religiously every day. Squats are a full body workout and help in weight loss. You can intensify the process by doing squat jumps. It would increase your heart rate, so be very careful while doing it.

5. Bear Crawls

Bear Crawls

Start by being in plank position with your arms and legs extended on the floor. Keep your body flat. Now slowly start crawling forward. Put enough weight on your arms and remember that your arms are doing more work than your legs. Keep crawling for 45 – 50 seconds and then halt, or turn back to return to original position.

6. Circuit Training

Circuit Training is Aerobics

Circuit training is aerobics combined with resistance training to make it a high-intensity workout. The exercise needs to be performed in a circuit, one after the other with minimum rest in between. Ask your trainer to create a routine for you as it is customised for person to person.


7. Burpees

BurpeesBurpees are a great way to exercise your arms and legs muscles. In fact, it is a full body exercise that is helpful in weight loss. You can strengthen your muscles and lose belly fat by doing burpees. It is a six count movement that includes three jumps, a couple squats, a push-up, and some torment.

8. Dancing


One of the most fun filled aerobic exercises is dancing. You can do a Bollywood dance, a high energy Bhangra workout, or a Zumba session and burn the calories away. It will tone your body, help in weight loss, and improves your stamina.

Whether it is cycling or squats, whatever aerobic exercise you choose, make sure you’re consistent with it, only then you will witness results in your weight loss journey. You also need to eat healthily, drink 8 -10 glasses of water and perform strength training exercise at least twice a week for effective results.


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