3 Simple Training Techniques To Increase Muscle Hypertrophy

Muscle Hypertrophy Resistance training is great for increasing overall muscle mass and strength. There are a couple of techniques one can use in the gym in order to maximize muscle mass gains.

In this article, we will be looking at the 3 of those techniques which are most commonly used in the fitness circles and how you can easily apply those techniques into your daily training regime.

Hypertrophy Training Program
Hypertrophy Training Program


Negative sets are a phenomenal and easy to use technique – as long as you have a reliable gym partner to look after you in the process!

Every movement done in the gym can be divided into its eccentric and concentric part.

The concentric part of the movement refers to shortening of the muscle or bringing the insertion and origin of the muscle closer together. For instance when you perform a biceps curl from the bottom to the top of the movement.

And the eccentric part is the opposite when you are stretching your muscle under load and the insertion and origin of the muscle are going further away from each other. For instance when you are lowering the weight when performing a squat.

As you are always stronger in the eccentric part of the movement, you don’t have to worry about putting on the additional force in the form of additional weight and not being able to complete the rep.

And that’s where the negative set method of increasing muscle mass comes into play.

Again, I urge you to use a competent spotter when applying this technique.


First of all, you have to decide what weight you are going to be using for your negative sets. Usually, a weight of 105-120 % of your current 1RM (or 1-repetition maximum) is used.

If your current personal best in the bench press is 100 kg for instance, then you would use a weight somewhere in between 105 and 120 kg.

You perform the movement by slowly lowering the weight down in the eccentric part of the movement.

Then, with the help of your training partner, who should provide a very heavy spot, you lift the weight up in the concentric part of the movement.

Negative sets damage the muscle very strongly. It’s not uncommon to get strong DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) the next day when performing high-quality negative sets.


Supersets are not only great for building muscle mass but are also a real time saver!

With the help of supersets you can easily perform more work volume per training session and in turn, provide a greater stimulus for muscle hypertrophy.

But let’s not get too ahead of ourselves.

First of all, what are supersets anyway?

Supersets are a method of training where one exercise is immediately followed by the next without any rest in between sets.

Once you’ve finished both of these exercises you rest.

There are a ton of different ways you can play around with exercise selection when it comes to supersets, however, if you wish to increase muscle mass size you should aim to include two exercises which incorporate the same body part.

A very simple example of this would be doing as many pull-ups as possible and immediately following that up with pull-downs. Pull-downs are of course a much easier exercise variations for back (and biceps) training than pull-ups and can help you push your muscles to failure after you have exhausted your pull-ups strength.


The drop-set method is a really simple and effective way of increasing muscle mass (https://www.masswithclass.com/weight-gain-guide/) as well.

The drop-set method is performed by completing the selected exercise at a given weight, then immediately lowering the weight by approximately 20% of the original weight and completing as many reps as possible on that (new) weight.

The Drop Set
The Drop Set

You can repeat the process as many times as you wish.

As in the case of the superset method, the drop-set method will allow you to do much more work in the same training session.

And as in the case of the negative sets method, a training partner can come in very handy when doing the drop-set method.

In certain situation lowering the weight can be very easy, especially when using machines. However, if you are stripping of plates (on a leg press for instance) then a training parent can help you reduce the weight much faster and keeps you accountable for taking as little short brakes in between sets as possible. You can also conserve your energy for the actual training sets rather than exerting yourself when trying to lower the weight as quickly as possible.


There are many training techniques that can make your training session more effective in terms of muscle building and even more fun.

The negative set method, superset method, and drop-set are only one of them.

Have you ever tried these training methods? If so, let me know how they worked out for you.