A Mini Guide: Best Workouts for Beginners

For all those who are new to exercises and workouts, here we have a mini guide containing the workouts for beginners. It will keep you in shape, burn out all those calories that you don’t need and will increase your levels of energy. Have a look at them:

  • Regular Walk

Regular WalkStart with a daily walk in the time that suits you. The best time for the walk is early in the morning. Walking has many benefits; it keeps the body healthy and fit. It improves the metabolism system of the body, making it work better. It brings many medical advantages that you cannot get anywhere else, it lowers down the blood pressure, and this is the reason it is very good for the hypertensive patients. Walking also helps control high cholesterol, it is beneficial for improving the health of the heart and regular morning walk can reduce the risk of heart disease.

  • Squats

30 Days Squats Challengefor Beginners
30 Days Squats Challenge for Beginners

It is one of the easiest workouts from them all, and you don’t need any equipment for doing squats. You can even do it at home. It is a great exercise for increasing the hormones like the growth hormones in the body and testosterone. It comes with an ability to enhance the strength of the human body. It will also make your body flexible, and it eases the back pain so for everyone who is suffering from backache problems, start doing the squats and you are good to go.

  • Push-ups


Another amazing exercise for the beginners is push-ups. This exercise activates all the muscles in the body and increases the strength. It is beneficial for the heart as well. Push-ups can keep your shoulders safe from all sorts of injuries. It is an excellent exercise if you need to improve your posture and it can also protect you from the back injuries especially the lower back injuries. And the best part about push-ups is that it costs you nothing, you don’t require any equipment for this exercise, and you don’t need to go to the gym for it.

Weight Lifting Exercise

  • Weight Lifting Exercise

Many people that are new to exercise often associate strength training like weight lifting exercises with the famous athletes which is not actually wrong, strength training brings lots of benefits for you. It works very well in increasing the physical work capacity of the performer. It will also improve the density of your bones; it will promote your body mass that is fat-free. Another advantage is that it will increase the strength of your muscles and tissues, which makes it the best exercise. You can do weight lifting exercise at home, just purchases a set of dumbbells and you are good to go.


  • Plank

Here comes the best one, planking. This exercise is perfect for all the beginners, and it comes with multiple advantages. It increases your ability to lift heavy weights. If you are involved in sports like jumping, planking is the best exercise for you! This exercise is famous for that six pack look everyone craves. Also, it will shape your abdominal region.

  • Swimming

SwimmingThe last but not the least, swimming is also a very healthy exercise and is probably the best thing for the beginners. It is something that is more than fun to learn. Swimming involves an intense movement of the arm and leg muscles; it increases the strength of the body and the physical stamina. Also, it is great for muscle tension. It comes with an ability to relax the body including those sore muscles. Swimming is an incredible exercise for both, summer and winter season if the pool has temperature control system. You don’t have to be a professional to start this one, it is very easy, and you can surely learn it in less than few days, just don’t be scared of water. Remember that once you have learned to float, nobody can drown you.

All of the exercises mentioned above are fantastic for the ones who are new to the world of fitness. I hope this article helps you out. Stay safe and have a wonderful day!

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