Opting for Invisalign Braces and The Many Benefits

Invisalign is a specific treatment used to straighten the teeth without using the traditional braces. This procedure involves wearing a series of clear plastic aligners that help in shifting your teeth into the position considered as ‘proper’. The discomfort faced by this procedure lasts for a couple of days only. The comfort experienced after the initial few days is an indication that the treatment is working. The time taken for the treatment is decided by the dentist after determining the severity of the patient’s condition, but the average time taken is around 1 year. patients prefer using the Invisalign as compared to the traditional braces because of these reasons:


These Invisalign braces are much more comfortable as compared to the traditional metal braces as you have the freedom to remove them whenever you wish. Some of us would like to take these off while eating, but this is possible with these braces and not with the metal ones. Metal traditional braces can be removed only by the professionals.


Metal braces are unattractive and make the person wearing them feel ugly. But the Invisalign braces are transparent and cannot be detected easily, thus they are attractive and an apt option for most of us.

Treatment Duration

With the metal braces, there are chances of the treatment lasting for almost 5 years. But, this is not so with the Invisalign braces. You can get back to the normal feeling within 12 months.


As we know, metal braces have protruding bits of metal and wire which can cause injury to the gums and inside of the mouth. This is an additional discomfort. The clear braces tend to be comfortable and smooth as these do not make use of any metal. The traditional braces can also lead to decay of teeth, which is not possible with the Invisalign braces.

No Food Restrictions

Traditional braces mean you need to find out what you can eat and what cannot. With these clear braces, there are no restrictions as you can remove the braces when you are eating.

Oral Hygiene Simple

As we know with traditional braces it gets difficult brushing your teeth. You need special implement which can help you clean under the wires and brackets. With the Invisalign, all you need to do is remove the braces and brush your teeth, floss, mouthwash and more without any hassles.

Invisalign Braces Benefits
Invisalign Braces Benefits

Factors to Determine the Use of Invisalign:

Many people are opting for the Invisalign without determining whether they require this or not. You need to know how and where to opt for this treatment before going ahead with this.

  • Invisalign can treat crowded teeth, capped teeth, underbite, overbite, and crossbite but you need to make sure that the case is not too severe.
  • Adults and older teenagers can opt for this treatment, but this is not suitable for children as the teeth seem to be growing each day in young children.
  • You need to make sure that the Invisalign remain in your mouth for at least 22 hours every day. This comes with a certain amount of dedication. It is wiser not to opt for this treatment if you are not too sure of following this 22-hour schedule each day.

You need to take the Smile Assessment test to ensure that Invisalign is the right treatment for you. Look for a dentist who can give you enough and more time to explain the total Invisalign procedure so that you have a clear understanding of what you are heading for. You need to make sure that you have the tie and inclination to attend all the sessions connected to the instructions of opting for this treatment.