Best Physiotherapist Near Me

Physiotherapy is a branch of science which mainly deals with improving general health and well-being of a person. If you have ever experienced physical injury or illness, your doctor recommended a physiotherapist for your treatment.

These days, whenever someone falls ill, western medicine is the quickest and fastest option to cure oneself. But they also come with unwanted side effects. But physiotherapy uses a combination of manual therapy, advice, education, and exercise. The greatest advantage is that physiotherapy can be recommended to persons of any age.

When is Physiotherapy Recommended?

A physiotherapist can help to maintain general health. However, the physician may advise physiotherapy in case of certain medical conditions:

  • Injuries caused while playing or participating in any sport. For example- tennis elbow and concussion.
  • To treat certain conditions pertaining to women reproductive health.
  • To treat Lymphedema and urinary incontinence.
  • To treat functioning of limbs. For example- trigger finger and carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Physiotherapy is widely used to treat diseases such as cystic fibrosis and other pulmonary issues.
  • To treat joint problems and back pain.
  • To treat nerve-related diseases such as Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, stroke and brain injuries.
  • To treat developmental disorders in children.

What Should be the Qualities of a Good Physiotherapist?

  • Patience – A physiotherapist has to deal with people of all age groups. They must be patient, especially with the elderly. Patients generally lose patience when the therapy is recommended to them. The physiotherapist needs to calm them down and help them understand the benefits of therapy. For this, the therapist needs to have patience himself/herself.
  • Skilled – To become a skilled professional in the branch of physiotherapy, one has to make proper use of the knowledge gained. Only a skilled professional will be able to provide proper treatment to the patient. The therapy, if not followed properly can do more harm than good.
  • Knowledgeable – To have proper knowledge in the respective field of any profession is a must-have quality. Only when someone has proper knowledge, they will be able to clearly explain the problems and the treatment provided to the patients.
  • Pleasing personality – A physiotherapist when compared to all other professions must have a gentle and pleasing personality. The profession requires interaction with people all the time. Only when they possess a pleasant attitude, the patient can feel comfortable and relaxed, which can make the treatment easier.
  • Caring – Every person in the medical world is expected to be caring. Only a person with caring attitude is approachable to the patients. Patients are more likely to listen and follow the advice of someone who is caring towards them. This also strengthens the bond of trust between a patient and the physician.
  • Positive attitude – A good physiotherapist will always carry a positive attitude. Only then, they can help the patient to remain positive. While undergoing treatment of chronic illness or disease, it is important that the patient feels positive, even when there is little hope. In many reported cases, positivity alone gave new hope to the patient and ensured full recovery, even when there were almost no chances of recovery.
  • Patient-centered focus – A good physiotherapist must always put the best interests of their patient first. The physician should adopt a holistic approach and decide on what is going to be the best for the patient. The therapist must include intense investigation for his treatment before proceeding with the symptoms.

There are many physiotherapists who are honest and sincere in their approach. It is important that there is proper communication between the physiotherapist and the patient. Only, in that case, they might be able to understand the needs better and provide the best treatment possible.